It’s perfect! Thank you so much.

Johannes Tveite, Joey Nandow

Hey Chris, wow, very cool. Thank you so much! I am really pleased with your work.

Benjamin Langenbeck, Simeon

After a long time of listening to the EP in different situations and through different audio devices I can say only this: I love the sound.

Alice Azhotkin, ThankYouPain

From now on I am going to ask you to master all my tracks. Great job!

Daniel Hochgeschurz, Bionical

Finally got everyone’s feedback (co-producer, mix tech and several other people that worked on this project). We all agree, the masters are amazing and we love them.

Tal Gil, Artist

Wow. Top work, Chris. Thank you very much!!

Claudio Hischier, Cado

I have now listened through all of the songs, on every speaker-system I possess, and it sounds great on them all. I will never spend any more time trying to master a song again!!

Ketil Arntzen, Artist

It sounds amazing! Thanks for the quick turnaround.

Jordan Saxemard, Artist

In the past I tried various people for mastering, but your mastering is really great!

Stefan Schenkel, Artist

Thanks very much for another great job. Everyone is delighted with it. It sounds huge.

Dave O’Connell, Producer

Chris, thanks a lot for the awesome work. :)

Ahmed Sallam, SLm.Z

The overall sound is fantastic. I think you did a great job.

Matt Ponak, Artist

The master turned out great. As always …

Bastian Kummer, Bakess

Very nice. Sounds really good.

Frank Renfordt, Artist

Sounds simply amazing. Great work!

Samuli Kuusisto, Pewe

Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism.

Sergey Protasov, Captain Summer

We are really happy with your work!

Phil Coenen, Artist

Another excellent job, sounds great!

Kenny MacKenzie, Seven Octaves

I’m very happy with your work – respectful of the mix, warm and dynamic.

Julien Robalo, The Marshals

That’s some amazing work you’ve done!

Vincent Master, Artist

Outstanding!! You hit the right vibe! Thank you very much.

Peter Jenič, Artist

Thank you so much for the mastering, the masters are so good.

Amirox, Producer

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much on behalf of Buenos Agres and myself for your outstanding work.

Paweł Fabrowicz, Buenos Agres

Sounds incredible! You did an amazing job with the record.

Nick Decean, Decean

Perfect Chris! Thanks a lot.

Marc Fanelli, G.No

You’re still the best engineer I’ve worked with.

Martin Thomas, Artist

Loving the result!

Samuli Kuusisto, Artist

Sounds perfect! Thanks for the quick work!

Aaron Bass, Blitz

I have listened to the masters – they sound really great. 😉 It has been a pleasure working with you!

Alesandro Salza, Silent Grave

Thanks again for the FANTASTIC MASTERING. :)

Alex Pierschel, Adam Is A Girl

Thank you for the masters. We are very happy with the results!

Angelo Cannavo, Theoball

Thanks so much! My client and I absolutely love it. We can hear things we couldn’t hear before. Fantastic!

Bartosz Hacia, BH Music Production

The mastering is super!!! Thank you.

Benjamin Strasser, EOS

Great work, mate!

Blair Joscelyne, Artist

Great, huge, impressive sound! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I never thought my music could EVER sound like this!

Bodgan Ota, Composer

Everyone loved the mastered track!

Bogdan Radovic, Ljute Papricice

Let me just say… WOW! It sounds amazing! And thank you – your contribution for the track’s “soul” is priceless!

Bruno Silva, DJ Skunk

Great job.

Bruno Sylvestre, Sheep’s Power

I like it. :)

Bugvi Hansen, Artist

We spent the weekend listening to the masters and our conclusion is: It’s great, we love the sound. Great job again!

Caio Marques , Artist

You’re a great mastering engineer.

Carlo Longo, Nuevarte Studio

Thank you so much for the very, very good audio mastering. We are delighted!!!

Chris Lope, Buenos Agres

The master sounds great!

Coral O’Connor, Master C

I listened to the masters. You have done a very good job.

Daniele Giovannoni, Karmamoi

I’m delighted with what I got back.

Dave O’Connell, That Falling Feeling

Chris…you do magnificent work!…all of our team agrees, you preserved all the vibe and dynamics of the mix, but pushed it to a higher level without any audible compromises…we love it.”

Dennis Stone, Producer

Congratulations. I really like the sound of the master. I like how you worked the dynamics and color of the master.

Eduardo Viana, Inbloco

We think the master is perfect for the style we were trying to achieve. Thank you very much for the fantastic work.

Felipe Ayres, Artist

Many thanks for your excellent work! Nice, full, crystal clear sound.

Gerold Gauger, Skaluna

I’ve just had a listen to the tracks. They sound great!

Giuseppe Froio, The Ergot

The master sounds great! Many thanks!

Hashhim Ali, Kaiowas

Thanks a lot for the perfect service!

Heidi Bobal, Room 66 Studio

I would like to thank you for the great job you did. We will work together again… that’s for sure!

Henri Vertenten, Artist

This is exactly 100% the sound that we were looking for! We can’t thank you enough! Excellent mastering!

Henrik Karlsson, Live for the Weekend

I just wanted to thank you for a great job on the mastering of the album. Very, very nicely done.

Hisham Gariani, Artist

We’d like to thank you for your brilliant job and polite attitude.

Uri Dov, Bronze Honey

We’re in love with the mastered tracks!

Izzuddin Aris , Pulse

The tracks all sound great. You took the record one step further.

Zihni Akbulut, Producer

Thank you very much for all your work.

Franck Dutruel, Jaimé

The track sounds great!

Izwan Khuzair, The Sallys

Many thanks for the quick turnaround and the excellent mastering.

Sebastian Heinemann, Bodytricks

We would like to thank you very much for the work you’ve done for our band and for the good sound you gave to our songs.

Frédéric Début, The New Barons

Great work and helpful feedback! Thanks for the great service!!!

Björn Schlapkohl, DJ BSE

The whole mastering process was extremely smooth; from mix delivery to final masters. Communication with Chris was also very easy, interactive and educational. And the most important thing, sound, was excellent!

Kimmo Pitkänen, Celestial Voyager

Chris does an excellent job and delivers amazing results. His mastering took my songs to another level of sound quality and professionalism and I am extremely happy with his work!

John Wu, Artist/Producer

Chris, I can’t thank you enough for finalizing our project to this level. Working with you has been a pleasure every step of the way.

Benny Zanfagna, Red Tail Hawk

You’ve done an excellent job & I am very pleased with the results.

David Levin, Acoustic Music From Earth

Great service, professional correspondence and magnificent result.

Daddo Oreskovich, Sonic Vision of Divine

It was a great experience to be working with Chris. Amazing results!

Richard Fagerdahlen, John Mode

I’m really happy with the clear, punchy sound and the consistency across the tracks.

Rudi Eide, Banaan

10/10 Chris. Great sound.

Mihai Bacrau, Nuvian

The master sounds incredible! It´s awesome! Better than I could have imagined. :)

Jorgen Hansen, Artist

Sounds totally incredible!

Sina Meissner, Trisha Same

It sounds nice and open, beautiful depth, wonderful punch ….. all very musical! Great!

Arno Op den Camp, Kerani

Thank you for your work. It sounds brilliant!

Sam Guthrie, Etiq

Thanks very much. The track sounds great!

Markus Lintunen, Make L

I wanted to thank you for the great work you did! It’s sounding perfect!

Myles Dillon, My Digital Enemy

PERFECT, super mastering. You always know exactly what to do. Thank you very much for your work.

Pascal Ayingol, Producer

Thank you for the quick turnaround and for doing a great job!!! They are killer!!!

Bastian Kummer, Luv&Lee

Thanks for your good work.

Chyke David Jones, CDJ MK

Amazing work! Great sound for a low price. Thanks so much Chris!

DJ Tronex, Artist

Very happy with the result. Thanks again for a job well done.

Jorgen Hansen, Artist

Congratulations! Really very nice!

Luigi Tognazzo, Joy

Thank you very much, big respect to you.

Grzegorz Elzbieciak, Artist

On behalf of the band, I’d like to thank you for your services. I believe that choosing your studio was the best possible option for us.

Jani Nendle, Dirtswitch

The sound is absolutely brilliant!

Jari Ojala , Producer

Your sound is really cool.

Jaro Szaniszlo, Producer

Sounds awesome!

Joe Balzac, Just Out Zonin

Thank you very much for the excellent service!

Johan Roef, Everything We Used To Be

The songs sound really, really great.

Joscha Boldt, Broken Honesty

Wow! The masters sound awesome!

Kris Moauro, Artist

Thank you so so much. This is perfect mastering.

Kutup Ata Tuncer, Artist

Cheers again for a very good job. I’ll recommend your service to my musician friends.

Manu Moreau, Les Mâles de Mer

I am very grateful to you for the mastering. It turned out really great. To quote our singer: “cool, cool, cool …” :-)

Marcel Levermann, Involution

Hello Chris, excellent, really great sound. It was just what I wanted. I congratulate you, thank you!

Marco Velo, D.P. Factory Music

I’m very pleased with your mastering; sounds really good to my ears.

Martin Thomas, Artist

Chris that is amazing! You have a customer for life. I will be using your services again for sure!

Michael Bourke , Artist

You have such great mastering skills and I appreciate your excellent job on this tune.

Michael Louis, Hurricane Woody

Thank you for everything, we are very satisfied with your work. And also with your commitment and thanks so much for respecting the time line we had.

Miha Gorše, Sell Out

Super awesome! I am really happy – and it’s only Monday!

Mik Arlati, Artist

The track sounds great! Dropped it in a full club yesterday and it was bangin’! Good job, I’ll be sure to use your services in the future as well!

Mikael Karppinen, Cut and Slice

Thank you … you are a great audio engineer.

Misael Paez, Evan

Wow Chris, you nailed it! Again! Love the crunch and the top end.

Mitta Norath, Tommirock Studios

Just wanna let you know that everything is perfect. Thanks so much for your help.

Norman Van Geerke, Norman

Chris, thank you for this excellent service. Good job, great sounding!

Pascal Ayingol, Producer

I am thrilled and sooo happy. Thank you! I didn’t think it was possible to make the songs sound so polished.

Pascal Kimoon, Artist

Thank you for your great work, Chris.

Peter Mędrzak, Red House Studio

I’m really happy with the sound of the record.

Rodrigo Gallegos, The Rawd

We are really happy about the sound. You have made something wonderful out of our EP.

Roman Chevozerov, Ritual Sound

Hi Chris, Delighted with the mastering. Sounds magnificent, many thanks.

Timmy Woods, Fizzy Water

I have listened to your mastered version and it is perfect.

Tine Janzek, Mixing Engineer

The results are brilliant. Thank you very much for your help.

Tolga Ergin, Dark Phase

Thanks a lot. It sounds pretty cool.

Tolga Kefeli, Artist

Thanks a lot for your great work.

Tolga Otabatmaz, Forgotten

Thank u Chris, the songs are great. :)

Tolga Özkan, Composer

Thanks again for the mastering. I sincerely was amazed by your sound.

Tomas Tonea, Fratii Tonea

We are COMPLETELY blown away by the final result … and we just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the song to the next level!

Jaen-Pierre Dowling, Art of Play

I’ve listened to the masters on a lot of different systems and I think they sound really great!

Jakob Stenseke, The Key Key

I am amazed by what you did with this track. Take from me my most sincere congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing.

Horia Boncut, Producer